The new WESTER WK1500_24, WK1500_50, WBK2200_50pro, WBK2200_100pro oil compressors are ideal for workshops or garages.

  • 17.09.2020

Compressors WESTER WBK2200_50pro, WBK2200_100pro are two-cylinder, V-shaped, piston, oil belt drive compressors for connecting pneumatic tools. In the belt type drive, the energy from the motor is transmitted using flexible elements: pulleys and a belt. Due to this, the transmission is smooth and almost silent.

A significant advantage of these models is energy savings, which is achieved thanks to the volume of the receiver of 50 liters. and 100 liters. respectively. The engine does not have to be turned on frequently to pump air.

Compressors WESTER WK1500_24, WK1500_50 are coaxial piston oil compressors for connecting pneumatic tools.

There are no connecting elements between the motor and compressor shafts, so this is the most compact, energy efficient and affordable drive. Maintenance-free: contamination and high temperatures are not affected.

The compressors are suitable for working with drills, wrenches, spray guns and other tools. The durability of the structures is achieved due to the fact that the main parts are made of cast metals, and the body is protected from rust and damage thanks to a powder polymer coating.

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