Novelty. Hammer Flex ACD3.6A cordless screwdriver.

  • 19.06.2020

In June 2020, Hammer introduced a novelty in the Russian market - a Hammer Flex ACD3.6A cordless screwdriver.

The model is a replacement for the discontinued ACD3,6LE screwdriver.

The main differences from its predecessor:

1) Battery type - obsolete Ni-Cd replaced by a more advanced Li-Ion (no self-discharge, no memory effect)

2) Increased torque value - 4 Nm versus 2.8 Nm (screwdriver is able to work with larger fasteners)

3) Increased battery capacity - 1.3 Ah versus 0.6 Ah (twice the battery life on a single charge)

4) Two bit compartments are built into the case - the necessary equipment is always at hand

5) The charge is carried out via the USB connector - you can recharge the instrument from a computer, laptop, power bank, etc.

 Like its predecessor, this model has a rotary case with a working backlight for working in hard-to-reach or dimly lit places, a charge level indicator is provided, and a set of the most popular bits is included in the kit.


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