Walmart expands in China with high-tech, small-format supermarket

  • 24/09/2018

Walmart has opened its first small, high-tech supermarket in Shenzen, China which allows customers to pay for goods using their smartphones.

Customers purchasing goods from the store that are available on the Walmart page of e-commerce site JD Daojia, an affiliate of, can pay using their smartphones via Tencent Holding Ltd’s WeChat messaging service.
The outlet will stock more than 8,000 items ranging from stir-fried clams to fresh fruit, 90 percent of which will be available online, it said in a statement. Items can be delivered within a 2 kilometer (1.2 mile) radius as quickly as 29 minutes, said Walmart, which owns a stake in

The shop stocks around 8,000 product lines, 90% of which can be bought online and subsequently paid for using a smartphone. Stock includes typical, regional grocery items from fresh fruit to clams, and online purchases can be delivered within a 2km radius in 29 minutes.

Alibaba and Tencent dominate the region's e-commerce market and are putting technology in place to blend online and offline shopping. Walmart is keen to expand into China, where consumers are increasingly making purchases using mobile devices.